Data Entry

Impact today
Total Dues Payments0$0.00
Events (1 person registered)1$0.00
Total payments1$0.00

Impact this month
Dues - Individual Subscriber18$2,700.00
Dues - Individual Subscriber Plus3$750.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber5$1,400.00
Dues - Student11$385.00
Dues - Young Friend13$975.00
Dues - Shareholder93$21,435.00
Dues - Sustainer3$1,500.00
Total Dues Payments146$29,145.00
New shareholders2$1,000.00
Annual fund donations3$215.00
Events (396 people registered)336$2,380.00
Short-term passes8$120.00
RDIC services33$6,078.08
Products sold2$35.00
Total payments (including -75.00 in adjustments)542$39,095.09

Impact last month
Dues - Individual Subscriber44$6,600.00
Dues - Individual Subscriber Plus5$1,250.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber10$2,750.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber Plus3$1,225.00
Dues - Student29$1,015.00
Dues - Young Friend17$1,275.00
Dues - Shareholder116$26,700.00
Total Dues Payments224$40,815.00
New shareholders1$500.00
Sponsorship donations1$0.00
Events (655 people registered)539$3,515.00
Short-term passes13$225.00
RDIC services40$8,631.78
Products sold5$70.00
Total payments826$54,391.78

Impact this fiscal year (2023-07-01 to 2024-06-30)
Dues - Individual Subscriber169$25,455.00
Dues - Individual Subscriber Plus30$7,800.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber57$16,025.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber Plus10$3,850.00
Dues - Student127$4,505.00
Dues - Young Friend78$5,890.00
Dues - Shareholder248$58,675.00
Dues - Sustainer3$1,500.00
Total Dues Payments722$123,700.00
New shareholders13$6,634.00
Annual fund donations53$13,500.00
Sponsorship donations1$0.00
Events (3554 people registered)2916$25,339.00
Short-term passes75$1,355.00
RDIC services282$68,357.36
Products sold19$239.00
Total payments (including -75.00 in adjustments)4223$270,964.37

Impact last fiscal year (2022-07-01 to 2023-06-30)
Dues - Individual Subscriber190$29,585.00
Dues - Individual Subscriber Plus44$11,500.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber38$10,475.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber Plus7$3,000.00
Dues - Student118$4,135.00
Dues - Young Friend94$7,205.00
Dues - Shareholder380$88,655.00
Dues - Sustainer19$11,000.00
Total Dues Payments890$165,555.00
New shareholders32$16,840.00
Annual fund donations18$4,980.00
Spring appeal donations61$17,132.00
Events (3097 people registered)2540$25,854.00
Short-term passes69$995.00
RDIC services12$7,128.10
Products sold26$1,030.00
Total payments (including -5,575.00 in adjustments)3929$295,734.60