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Impact today
Total Dues Payments0$0.00
Total payments0$0.00

Impact this month
Dues - Individual Subscriber2$300.00
Dues - Individual Subscriber Plus1$250.00
Dues - Student2$70.00
Dues - Young Friend1$75.00
Dues - Shareholder2$420.00
Dues - Sustainer1$500.00
Total Dues Payments9$1,615.00
Events (77 people registered)66$635.00
Short-term passes1$15.00
Total payments76$2,265.00

Impact last month
Dues - Individual Subscriber15$2,300.00
Dues - Individual Subscriber Plus3$750.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber5$1,400.00
Dues - Student17$595.00
Dues - Young Friend5$375.00
Dues - Shareholder23$5,120.00
Total Dues Payments68$10,540.00
New shareholders1$710.00
Spring appeal donations27$3,032.00
Events (500 people registered)423$3,351.00
Short-term passes5$75.00
Products sold2$500.00
Total payments (including -35.00 in adjustments)535$18,853.00

Impact this fiscal year (2022-07-01 to 2023-06-30)
Dues - Individual Subscriber171$26,585.00
Dues - Individual Subscriber Plus43$11,250.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber37$10,200.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber Plus7$3,000.00
Dues - Student111$3,890.00
Dues - Young Friend89$6,805.00
Dues - Shareholder356$82,805.00
Dues - Sustainer17$10,000.00
Total Dues Payments831$154,535.00
New shareholders31$16,340.00
Annual fund donations18$4,980.00
Spring appeal donations60$16,882.00
Events (2795 people registered)2307$22,779.00
Short-term passes58$815.00
Products sold24$1,000.00
Total payments (including -5,445.00 in adjustments)3604$268,251.50

Impact last fiscal year (2021-07-01 to 2022-06-30)
Dues - Individual Subscriber88$15,750.00
Dues - Individual Subscriber Plus22$5,600.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber12$3,300.00
Dues - Dual Subscriber Plus2$750.00
Dues - Student26$920.00
Dues - Young Friend37$2,850.00
Dues - Shareholder353$85,095.00
Total Dues Payments540$114,265.00
New shareholders21$11,043.50
Annual fund donations44$11,400.00
Events (0 people registered)37$2,102.62
Short-term passes11$110.00
Total payments797$168,912.01